Watering Cans

Best Selling Watering Cans

The choice and range of watering cans is huge, mostly made from plastic, metal or galvanised iron. For garden use 8-10 litre cans are ideal, but smaller ones are easier to handle, especially if you have back trouble or need to stretch up or across to reach the plants.

Choose a small can with a long spout for watering hanging baskets – some have a directional hose which can be turned downwards for aiming into a high container, or upwards to deliver a gently arching sprinkle on to delicate seedlings at ground level.

Watering cans come in many different colours which can be useful because they are quite commonly being turning into decorative items used in houses or gardens. The old fashioned style watering can makes a perfect display item if filled with soil and planted with flowers.

Smaller watering cans are also available which are perfect for watering small pots in the greenhouse. These usually have a long spout without a rose and are normally made from strong plastic.