Two-Way Hose Guide

Two-Way Hose GuideDragging your hosepipe around the garden can cause damage to flowerbeds or small plants, with a hose guide you will totally eliminate this problem. The Two-Way Hose Guide has been designed so that you can safely pull your hose around the garden without it making contact with any delicate shrubbery, plants or flowers.

All you need to do is simply push the hose guide into your garden/lawn and slot the hose into the recess. Because this hose guide is two-way you can pull your hose in each direction easily and without fuss. There are other advantages to using a hose guide, one of which is that it will prevent your hosepipe from kinking.

Getting your hose snagged up in obstacles is not only annoying but time consuming also, with this product your problems are solved. A great solution for the garden and excellent value for money.

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