Toolman 25 Metre Hose Pipe & Reel

Toolman 25 Metre Hose Pipe & ReelHose reels are by far the most popular type oh hosepipe and that’s simply because they are compact and tidy. This Toolman 25 Metre Hose Pipe & Reel is a British made product that is suitable for any type of watering job you might have.

The hose pipe is 25 metres in length and made from a kink resistant material meaning when using it, pulling it out or winding it up it won’t kink and stop water flow. The hose pipe comes with six attachments which include a tap connector, hose end connector and an adjustable spray nozzle.

The actual reel unit of this hose pipe has fixing holes allowing you to mount it to a wall if you wish. Ideally used as a free standing hose pipe this package is suitable for any job including watering the garden and washing your vehicle.

A new product that has just hit the market, the Toolman 25 Metre hose reel is a worthy rival to the more expensive Hozelock product. To read reviews for the Toolman 25 Metre Hose Pipe & Reel and to buy at the lowest price online please use the buy button below.

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