Best Selling Sprinklers

Sprinklers are available in many types. Attached to a hose pipe instead of a nozzle, they water the garden while you get on with something else. By applying a fine spray over a long period you can thoroughly moisten the soil without creating puddles and surface capping. Leave the sprinkler on until every area has had at least 2.5cm of water – stand empty jam jars to the spray area to check the amount. Lawns and vegetable plots in particular are best watered in this way.

You can set up two or more sprinklers at once. Use Y-connectors to join hose pipes; water-stop end caps turn off one branch hose until required. Water timer units are also available, though the price is high – you dial in the watering time required, set the pattern and the sprinkling is then automatic, turning off when the watering is completed.

Simple static sprinklers are the cheapest and can often be mounted on an extender pole to allow them to be used among tall plants, but their circular spray pattern makes it difficult to get even coverage on lawns. Rotating types generally cover a larger area and can often be adjusted to vary the area covered from a narrow wedge shape to a full circle. Oscillating types deliver water in a rectangular pattern, which may be preferable if you have a square or rectangular lawn.

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