Sprinkler Types

1). The static sprinkler is the simplest of all. Water distribution is the same as with a standard hand held nozzle – a circular pattern covering up to 11m (35ft) across – but the device has a spike for securing into the ground.

2). Rotary sprinklers have two or three rotating arms which produce a circular spray of fine water droplets up to 13.5m (45ft) across. Some models have a static vertical spray in the centre to complete the spray area covered.

3). Oscillating sprinklers produce a rectangular spray coverage up to 17 x 5m (55 x 40ft). They have a tube or barrel bored with holes which oscillates slowly from side to side.

4). Pulse-jet sprinklers give an even wider coverage by spraying in one direction only at any one time. The jet rotates through 360ยบ in a series of automatic pulses.

5). This type of sprayer holds the nozzle high off the ground and gives a gentle ‘rain’ of water – ideal for seedbeds and young vegetables. Several can be linked together in a chain.

6). Sprinkler hoses give a gentle ‘rain’ effect and can be woven easily through flower or vegetable beds. They consist of a flat hose perforated on the upper surface with thousands of tiny holes.

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