Spray Guns

Best Selling Spray Guns

Spray guns are a hugely popular hose pipe attachment that allow you to control a flow of water whilst carrying out a watering job. There are many different designs available, primarily made by Hozelock (the most popular watering accessory manufacturer) which have many different functions. Most spray guns will have at least three or four different spray patterns, each suitable for a different type of water application.

Nearly all spray guns will feature a water jet, giving a fast flow of water ideal for filling up a bucket, watering can or paddling pool. The other most popular spray pattern is the fine mist, perfect for watering small, delicate plants where care is needed. The more money you spend on a spray gun the better it will be, and the more spray patterns it will feature.

The cheaper guns tend to be made from high quality plastic however the more expensive items are made from either aluminium or steel, giving a longer life span.