Silverline 868719 Electronic Water Timer

Silverline 868719 Electronic Water TimerOften the preferred choice over the Hozelock Water Timers, the Silverline 868719 Electronic Water Timer will allow you look after your garden with ease. Great design features mixed with ease of use make this water timer a product that is recommended by all its owners.

For less than £30 you can get a multi-adjustable water timer with LCD screen, that’s nearly half the price of its rival! Features include full programmable control, eight different on/off sequences, 15 different combinations during a 7 day period. The Silverline Water Timer also benefits from an anti tamper keyboard lock so no little hands can adjust the timer!

Powered by a 9v battery (included), this water timer doesn’t require mains power and will work even if there is no electricity nearby. Often used by people that go on holiday, water timers are a great way to look after your garden. When used with a hose pipe and sprinkler you will have the ultimate watering system that requires no work!

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