Silverline 868552 Spike Sprinkler

Silverline 868552 Spike SprinklerLooking after your lawn is very important during the summer months and periods of dry weather. With a sprinkler you can effortlessly soak your grass without the hard work of dragging a hose around the garden or using a watering can.

The Silverline 868552 Spike Sprinkler is a classic style sprinkler that will cover a 360 degree area but also have full adjustment for full or half circles. Simple attach a hosepipe to the 1/2″ hose connector that is built in and off you go! With a range of up to 24 metres you can water a large garden or playing field without the hassle of moving the sprinkler every few hours.

When used with a water timer this spike sprinkler really does shine as it provides the ultimately watering solution that requires no hard work. Reviews are mostly positive for the Silverline 868552 Spike Sprinkler and one thing worth mentioning is that we don’t recommend this particular product if you suffer from low water pressure.

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