Silverline 719788 Car Cleaning Brush

Silverline 719788 Car Cleaning BrushWashing your car can be a chore without the right equipment but you no longer need to struggle if you buy the Silverline 719788 Car Cleaning Brush. Great for cleaning any large objects or vehicles such as trucks, boats or even windows this product really help your back!

Simply attach the brush to the end of your hose pipe and away you go! This car Cleaning Brush features an on/off switch to control water flow therefore saving water (and stopping you from getting wet)!

The Silverline 719788 brush is fitted with a male hose adapter on the handle which will connect to the majority of hosepipes available. For a full range of hosepipes please visit our hosepipe range.

There are a number of reviews for this product, some positive, some negative. We believe this is a ‘middle of the road’ product and there are other car cleaning brushes on the market which are considerably better. For example, the Hozelock and Draper brushes are the best selling and do get some rave reviews.

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