Sealey Hand Cranked Water Hose Reel

Sealey Hand Cranked Water Hose ReelThis hose reel has been designed for heavy duty use in mine, specifically industrial use. The Sealey Hand cranked water hose reel has a 80 metre capacity and has an open style construction. It comes supplied complete with mounting bracket so it can be fixed to either a floor or wall.

Suitable for use where a longer hose is required (up to 80 metres). This product is the ideal solution if you have a very long garden where a regular hose pipe won’t reach. The maximum drum capacity of this Sealey product is 80 metres (260ft) of 13mm diameter hose pipe.

Features include a maximum pressure of 300psi (20 bar), 80 metre hose capacity, inlet measurement of 13mm (half inch). Model number for this product is GH80 and it comes supplied with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

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