Rehau Pulse Sprinkler

Rehau Pulse SprinklerIf you prefer the more solid type sprinklers you may want to invest in a Rehau Pulse Sprinkler. Unlike other rotating sprinklers the Rehau Pulse is made from metal and is more robust. Plastic sprinklers tend to get brittle after a couple of years and can get damaged easily if stepped on or dropped. By spending just a few pounds more you can purchase a sprinkler that will last years and years.

Pulse sprinklers spray an area intermittently and therefore give a nice overall soaking to an area in a circular fashion. This particular pulse sprinkler will cover an area up to 520 metres squared which is astonishing compared to its rivals. This sprinkler is suitable for use with a hose pipe that has a 1/2 inch bore.

The Rehau Pulse Sprinkler has heavy zinc and bras components helping it water an area of up to 26 metres in diameter (using a water pressure of approximately 2-3 bar). Thanks to its unique design this sprinkler can irrigate/water any cross section within a 360 degree radius (because of the two adjusting rings).

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