Rehau Hose Starter Kit 25M

Rehau Hose Starter Kit 25MFor the money and the features included you really cannot buy a better starter kit. This Rehau Hose Starter Kit 25M has just about everything you could wish for in a hosepipe. With its 18 brain reinforcement this flexible hosepipe is extremely strong therefore having a burst rating of 35 bar.

This Rehau Hose also has a 3 ply construction giving it that extra strength so it can be stepped on or driven over without disrupting water flow. Also worth mentioning is that this starter kit is cadmium free. Included with the hose is a spray nozzle and standard connector allowing it to be fitted to an outside tap. Unlike some other hosepipes on the market this product comes with a 10 year guarantee, something you don’t often see with gardening products.

Because of its anti-kink properties many people buy the 50 metre version of this hosepipe. Don’t be fooled by the big brand names, Rehau products really are high quality and great value for money. We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with this product.

Suitable for professional gardeners or those who want a high quality product at home. For more information on the Rehau Hose Starter Kit 25M (flex) please use the link below.

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