Rehau Hose Holder

Rehau Hose HolderKeeping your hosepipe free of kinks and snags is essential to its product life. With the Rehau Hose Holder you can store your hosepipe safely and neatly on a wall without the fear of it getting damaged. Made from moulded plastic the holder attaches to a wall and allows the storage of a 300 metre (100ft) hose that is 1/2″ in diameter.

Just part of a huge range of accessories from Rehau this Hose Holder is perfect if you don’t have a hose cart. Lightweight, strong and durable the holder is green in colour and looks great when loaded with your hose.

Great value for money and a product that will last years. The holder has two jobs, one to prolong the life of your hosepipe and the other to keep your garden looking tidy.

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