Rehau Double Male Connector

Rehau Double Male ConnectorIf you have a long garden or want to set up an irrigation system then sometimes you will need to join hosepipes together. In the past this has been a problem due to the limited number of options available. Howewer, thanks to the Rehau Double Male Connector you can connect 2 hosepipes without problems.

Made from brass the connector is the standard 1/2 inch meaning it’s compatible with the majority of hosepipes on sale today. Its main advantages are that it won’t rust or perish therefore it will last a lifetime. Suitable for either the professional or amateur gardener this double male connector has been precision engineered giving it that quality you would expect.

This product is great value for money and a great addition to your hosepipe arsenal. Please note, to use this product you will need female connectors attached to your hosepipe. For more information on the Rehau Double Male Connector and to buy online a the best price please use the link below.

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