Rehau Brass Hose Nozzle

Rehau Brass Hose NozzleWhen buying a hose nozzle you have two choices, either a plastic version or a higher quality brass product. The Rehau Brass Hose Nozzle is an accessory with quality which will last years thanks to its construction. Brass items won’t rust (very important when touching water), and they also don’t become brittle over time unlike the plastic variety.

This brass hose nozzle has been precision engineered to a high standard and will last a lifetime. With a 1/2″ fitting it will attach to most hosepipes making it very universal.

To adjust the spray jet you simply need to rotate the nozzle barrel and then the spray will change shape and power. Suitable for most gardening jobs but also in a commercial environment. Ideal for washing the car or watering plants where you need to adjust the spray level.

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