Rehau Adjustable Zinc Spray Gun

Rehau Adjustable Zinc Spray GunIf you have a Rehau hose pipe then we recommend getting this spray gun to accompany it. The Rehau Adjustable Spray Gun is ideal for all situations whether it be watering plants, filling buckets or simply washing the car.

The spray gun is fully adjustable therefore you can form your own spray pattern with just a small hand movement. From a fine cone spray to a highly powerful get of water, this is a spray for any situation. The actual gun features an insulated hand grip with a front trigger action making it comfortable to hold and operate. A rubber nozzle grip will help easy spraying and will allow you to hold the spray gun for extended periods of time. Like most other spray guns the Rehau Adjustable Spray Gun has an on/off trigger lock making life a lot easier.

Rehau is a brand you can trust and this product will last years if looked after. Fully compatible with other hose pipes providing you have the right connector fitted on the other end.

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