Rehau Adjustable Rotating Sprinkler

Rehau Adjustable Rotating SprinklerIf you’re into garden you will know that Rehau make some top class products that are innovative but very good value for the money. The Rehau Adjustable Rotating Sprinkler is one of those products thanks to its great design and and versatility.

This particular sprinkler is an adjustable sled based sprinkler that rotates. With its three delivery nozzles that are fully adjustable it will distribute water evenly in a puddle free manner. To adjust the range of water all you need to do is twist the nozzles to you’re preferred amount and then sit back and watch it do the hard work!

The Rehau Adjustable Rotating Sprinkler has a maximum coverage of 175m² or 15.3m diameter range. Used best with other Rehau products it can also be used with other hosepipes thanks to its universal male adapter. When used with a hosepipe and water timer this sprinkler is really the ultimate in gardening watering, we highly recommend it over other sprinklers.

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