Rehau 50M Hose Reel

Rehau 50M Hose ReelStoring a hose pipe is very important if you want to prolong its life and the best way to do that is using a hose reel. Hose reels will keep the pipe wrapped up neatly and free of kinks which if left can damage the hose pipe and cause tiny cracks to appear.

To overcome this problem we recommend the Rehau 50M Hose Reel which is suitable for any hose pipe up to 50m metres in length. Thanks to its compact size it is easy to carry and store, even in the smallest of places. It will hold up to 50 metres of hosepipe 1/2 inch in diameter meaning there is no excuse to leave your hose pipe laying in a tangled mess in the garden.

The Rehau 50M Hose Reel is made from high quality materials using the latest construction methods. It’s a lightweight metal cart that is both portable and very durable.

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