Multi Function Hose Pipe Spray Gun

Multi Function Hose Pipe Spray GunBuying an unbranded product can sometimes be a bit of a risk however they do have some positives such as the price. The Multi Function Hose Pipe Spray Gun is value for money and offers the same level of spray patterns as the more expensive Draper and Hozelock guns.

However, for the sake of a couple of pounds we would probably advise you to spend more and buy a Hozelock Spray Gun simply down the to the reputation and warranties they have.

This particular spray gun simply connectors to your existing hosepipe using its male adapter, once connected pull the trigger to spray water. With a range of spray patterns such as jet, sprinkler and many others you will find one to suit the job. As you will see from the product image this spray gun does have a trigger lock that will stop your hand from aching if using this spray gun for long periods of time.

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