Kent Car Wash Brush

Kent Car Wash BrushThe Kent Car Wash Brush is a soft bristled brush that is perfect for washing your car, using around the home or in the garden. With features you normally see in products twice the price, this brush really does have it all and is great value for money.

Built into the handle is a water flow regulator allowing you to control the flow of water through the brush head. This is a great feature which means you can save water and stop unwanted mess. The brush simply connects to your hose pipe making it an interchangeable accessory. The brush also has an on/off switch which will make things a lot easier if you aren’t near the tap.

Measuring 310mm in length and lightweight enough to be held for long periods of time, this brush is a great product. With some great reviews and a low price the team here at highly recommend the Kent Car Wash Brush. For more information and to buy online at the lowest price please use the buy button.

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