Hozelock Vortex Spike Sprinkler 2510

Hozelock Vortex Spike Sprinkler 2510With so many different sprinklers on the market it’s quite hard to choose the right one for your garden. Experts say that the spike sprinklers are the best type thanks to their range of watering and also their durability. The Hozelock Vortex Spike Sprinkler 2510 is one of those sprinklers that falls into that category.

Manufactured by Hozelock, the world’s most famous watering products company this Spike Sprinkler will tick all the boxes and much more. It has a twin arm that uses 8 different jets to efficiently water lawns and plants. It will cover a maximum area of 177m2 and has a diameter of 15 metres.

The sprinkler unit is mounted on a spike which you can push into the lawn, unlike some other spike sprinklers this has a strong spike that won’t bend if pushing it into hard ground.

Using the Vortex Spike Sprinkler is easy, it comes already assembled so all you need to do is push it into the ground and connect your hosepipe to it. For more information on the Hozelock Vortex Spike Sprinkler 2510 and to buy online at the best price please use the link below.

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