Hozelock Vortex 8 Dial Sprinkler

Hozlock Vortex 8 Dial SprinklerThis sprinkler is made by Hozelock and has a dial with 8 different spray patterns to suit all different watering styles. Each of the functions will send a different shape of spray over your lawn so you will be able to find a type that suits your needs.

The Hozelock Vortex 8 Dial Sprinkler comes in yellow only and has a 1 year warranty. Suitable for all lawn types this sprinkler is perfect for home use and is compatible with other Hozelock products such as a Hozelock hosepipe.

The types of water pattern include: large semi circle, small semi circle, strip, mist, small circle, large circle, remote jet and a square. Thanks to its easy-grip adjuster ring changing the spray pattern is easy – even with wet hands.

Maximum coverage is 79m2 (maximum diameter is 10 metres). The sprinkler is mounted on a yellow sled base therefore it will work on all surfaces.

We highly recommend this sprinkler for home use thanks it its low price and ease of use.

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