Hozelock Universal Hose Guide

Hozelock Universal Hose GuideProtecting your hose pipe from damage is one of the best things you can do to prolong its life. Sharp edges can compromise the integrity of the outer layer and over time a split or hole can appear. When using a hose pipe you need to take care when pulling it around corners but thanks to Hozelock and their great design team, they have come up with a product to get around this age-old problem! The Hozelock Universal Hose Guide is a small device that will fit to the corner of a building and allow you to pull the hose in a smooth fashion without causing any damage.

Like all Hozelock products, the Universal Hose Guide comes complete with a full 1 year UK warranty. All fixings are included and fitting should only take a few minutes.

We highly recommend this product for anyone who uses their hose around corners, for example if you haveĀ  a wall mounted hose reel and want to wash the car out the front of your property. This product is great for prolonging the life of your hose pipe.

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