Hozelock Ultra Tough Hose 25m

Hozelock Ultra Tough Hose 25mHere we have the Hozelock Ultra Tough Hose 25m which is a medium length hosepipe suitable for a whole range of watering applications. Suitable for many different jobs such as watering the garden or washing a car this hosepipe is heavy duty enough to withstand people walking on it or cars driving over it.

The Hozelock Ultra Tough Hosepipe features anti-crush technology making it highly durable yet very versatile. Being able to withstand high water pressure makes this product very popular amongst both amateur and professional gardeners.

Construction is provided by a braided reinforced material making it very strong and resistant to damage. The hose is 25 metres in length making it a great size if you have a medium sized garden. Compatible with a range of other Hozelock products such as car brushes, sprinklers and spray guns. The diameter of the hose is the standard 12.5mm (1/2 inch) allowing it to be used with a range of accessories such as adapters and connectors.

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