Hozelock Ultra Metal 14 Hose Gun

Hozelock Ultra Metal 14 Hose GunThe Ultra 14 spray gun has six different spray patterns and can be used for a range of activities. Perfect for watering the garden but can also be used to wash the car thanks to its fan spray pattern that will rinse soap off of cars. Other patterns include a powerful jet that will clean patios and other surfaces/items, fast fill – ideal for buckets, paddling pools etc and a fine mist for a gentle water application (seedlings, small plants and flowers).

The gun is quite soft to touch thanks to its ergonomic design and with it’s unique design it looks great. The body of the spray gun is made from an ultra tough zinc alloy.

With its locking trigger and variable flow control this spray gun is one of the best on the market. Connect it to a Hozelock hose pipe and you have the perfect garden watering solution!

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Additional Product Information

  • Supplied on a standard Hozelock card
  • Perfect for filling up a watering can saving energy and time
  • Thanks to its unique spray patterns (six in total) this hose gun is ideal for washing the car and cleaning garden furniture
  • Available to buy online (click the link above to purchase from Amazon.co.uk)

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