Hozelock Ultra 10 Metal Hose Gun

Hozelock Ultra 10 Metal Hose GunIf you need a ultra tough spray gun this product is one you should consider. The Hozelock Ultra 10 Metal Hose Gun is the perfect solution for any watering or cleaning tasks you may have. It features various different spray patterns, each with a different use. The patterns are a jet spray, cone (ideal for watering plants) and a fast-fill option. The fast-fill spray is perfect for filling watering cans, buckets, paddling pools, ponds and blasting mud off cars etc.

Other spray patterns include a fine mist that can be used for delicate seedlings, a high definition metal rose which can be used for gentle plant or lawn watering and a fan spray that will rinse soap suds off of cars.

Compatible with a Hozelock hose pipe, this hose gun is one of the best selling on the market and can be adjusted for any job. It’s very robust thanks to its ultra-tough metal construction and the die-cast metal body will provide great protection if dropped. The gun is covered with an elastomer coating making it very durable and comfortable for hold for long periods of time.

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