Hozelock Rain Sensor

Hozelock Rain SensorThe Hozelock Rain Sensor will detect rain and then automatically tell your water computer not to water anymore. The sensor works with the Hozelock Aqua Control Water Computer Pro and will save you water (and money if on a water meter).

A perfect solution from Hozelock this rain sensor is hugely popular amongst gardeners as it will automate a process and save your time! The Hozelock Rain sensor should be attached to a fence, stake, wall or shed but must not be covered over. It needs access to rain so you will need to choose your location carefully.

The Hozelock rain sensor comes complete with 10 metres of cable meaning you don’t have to have it right next to your water computer.

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Additional Product Information

  • Supplied in a box with rain sensor and instruction booklet
  • Very easy to set up and install
  • Available to purchase online
  • Prevents over-watering and saves water, money and time
  • Compatible with Hozelock Water Timer only
  • Calibration required (straight forward and the instructions go into detail on how to carry out this process)

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