Hozelock Multi Gun

Hozelock Multi GunThis multi-spray gun from Hozelock features five useful spray patterns, they are: wide cone, powerful jet, flat spray, metal rose and fast-fill. This spray gun is perfect for all your watering jobs around the garden and can even be used for washing the car.

You will find a setting on this gun perfect the type of water application you require, whether it be a fine spray or a powerful blast of water. The fast fill setting is ideal for filling buckets, watering cans, paddling pools etc whilst the mist setting is suitable for watering delicate seedlings. Gentle watering can be carried out thats to the high definition metal rose setting.

The Hozelock Multi Gun has a lockable rear soft touch trigger that will turn the water flow on and off. There is also an easy to use flow control that can save you up to 50% water – this will help keep your water bill down!

Fully compatible with Hozelock hose pipes and will last years if looked after.

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Additional Product Information

  • Supplied on a card
  • Features five different spray patterns
  • Available to buy online (click on the button above)
  • Compatible with Hozelock hosepipes

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