Hozelock Long Rotating Car Brush

Hozelock Long Rotating Car BrushThe Hozelock Long Rotating Car Brush is a unique product that features a water powered turbine which rotates the bristles for a better cleaning action. Compatible with Hozelock hose pipes and reels this car brush has many features that make cleaning your car a whole lot easier.

There is an adjustable head which can help clean hard to reach areas and an on/off water flow control that will stop mess and save water. This Hozelock brush works well with liquid car shampoos to give a better clean.

Ideal for cars, caravans and other vehicles, the Hozelock Long Rotating Car Brush saves time and effort when cleaning. Easy to contact to a hose pipe thanks to a the Hozelock adapter and with an integral detergent tank. Please note, you will require a minimum of 2 bars of water pressure to get the most out of this product.

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