Hozelock Jet Brush

Hozelock Jet BrushThe Hozelock Jet Brush is a high specification hand held brush that is packed full of innovative features that makes cleaning a whole lot easier. Its main feature is that it has an integral detergent tank that allows you to add cleaning agent whilst washing. Like most Hozelock brushes the Jet Brush has an adjustable flow control.

The flow control system allows control from 0 – 100%. Another great feature of this brush is that it has an inbuilt cleaning system that will keep the brush head free from dirt and grime build-up. Specifically designed for cars, motorbikes and small vehicles this brush is versatile, ergonomic and easy to use.

Attaches straight to the end of a Hozelock hosepipe meaning it’s easy to store and change between cleaning/watering accessories. Reviews for this product are outstanding with many people claiming it can cut your cleaning time in half! For more information about the Hozelock Jet Brush and to buy online at the best price please use the button below.

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