Hozelock Fast Cart

Hozelock Fast CartThe Fast Cart is a unique watering solution manufactured by the world famous Hozelock. The Hozelock Fast Cart is basically a hosepipe in an enclosed casing that can be transported on wheels. Hosepipes can sometimes be quite heavy but this unique product will take the hard work out of watering and will allow you to move the hose around the garden with ease.

The cart is extremely stable and will not tip over, the hose pipe rewinds with no hassle making it ideal for those who may struggle with a conventional hose. The reel features the Hozelock layering mechanism that will stop the hose from getting tangled and those annoying kinks from appearing. All fittings are supplied with the product as well as a 40m hosepipe and connectors.

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Other Product Information

  • Ideal for large gardens or washing your car
  • Compatible with other Hozelock products such as sprinklers and spray guns
  • Large amount of positive reviews
  • Perfect for storing away
  • Transporting your hose has never been easier, no more getting wet!
  • Buy in confidence through the Amazon website

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