Hozelock Auto Aquapod 10 Kit

Hozelock Auto Aquapod 10 KitThe Hozelock Auto Aquapod 10 Kit is quite a simply an effortless watering system that will automatically water your plants and containers. The Aquapod can save you time and money but the best thing about it is that it will reduce your water usage by up to 90% compared to a regular watering can.

The Aquapod is uniquely designed so that it won’t leak and comes with a 2 year guarantee for peace of mind. Easy to hide thanks to its compact the design, the Auto Aquapod will store away easily thanks to its retractable pipelines.

Changing the the position of your plants is easy and will take you just 2 minutes, you can add up to 9 more Auto Aquapods so a total of 39 individual pots can be watered.

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This product is great in the summer because you can use it when you can on holiday and find your plants still alive when you get back. Very easy to set up and once installed it requires no further attention leaving you to do other jobs. Highly recommended if you don’t have anyone to water your plants when you are away on holiday.

The kit is great value for money because some retailers will charge you the same price for the timer alone! A fantastic product that is the perfect solution if you need to automate your watering.

Additional Product Information

  • Box contains: 2 Aquapods, 1 pressure regulator with 2 adapters, an ACPLUS water timer, 2 lots of tubing, 10 stakes and an instruction booklet
  • Very easy to install taking just minutes to set up
  • A great solution for holiday watering
  • Available to buy online

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