Hozelock Aquastorm 15 Sprinkler

Hozelock Aquastorm 15 SprinklerThe Hozelock Aquastorm 15 Sprinkler is the solution to your grass problems! During the summer months your lawn can get burnt by the making it go a brown colour. To prevent this many gardeners use sprinklers that water the grass.

The sprinkler features a 15 hole aluminium spraybar that fires water over your lawn giving it the water it so desperately needs. During long periods of dry weather the ground dries out, and the grass can die leaving your garden looking neglected and unloved.

With a maximum coverage area of 180m2 the Aquastorm 15 sprinkler can be adjusted to suit your needs. When used with an additional water timer you can automate your watering process giving you time off from your watering duties. Ideal if going on holiday you are able to keep your lawn looking fresh and healthy without having to worry about it. Setting up this sprinkler is easy, simply connect it to a regular hose pipe and turn on the water supply at the tap.

A large number of people have bought and reviewed the Hozelock Aquastorm 15 Sprinkler. With many reviews commenting on how easy it is to use we can do nothing but agree with them, it’s a great product.

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