Hozelock Aquastop Connector

Hozelock Aquastop ConnectorThe recently updated Hozelock Aquastop Connector is the ultimate watering accessory allowing you to stop the flow of water when a device is removed from the end of your hose pipe. The connector it suitable for use with all diameters of hose saving you money and a lot of hassle.

The connector is made from high quality materials and therefore the construction is something you would expect from Hozelock – the superior hose pipe brand. Easy to use when wet thanks to the soft pads on the side of the Aquastop connector, you can use this device in any condition. The connection to the top is guaranteed to stay secure when up to 10 bar of water pressure is put through it thanks to a special triple locking system that is built into the connector.

Because of it’s unique and ever-revolving design the connector will always stay firmly attached to your hose pipe thanks to the special barbs. Other advantages of using this product include elimination of hose pipe kinking and leaking.

Overall, a high quality product from Hozelock that will simply last years! The Hozelock Aquastop Connector is a vital addition to your watering solution and will fit any hose pipe. For more information about the product and to buy online at the lowest price please use the buy button below.

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