Hozelock Aqua Control Water Timer

Hozelock Aqua Control Water TimerThis product is the perfect solution if you require a water timer. The Hozelock Aqua Control Water Timer is an electronic water time that features dual programming. It has the ability of offering a variety of different watering durations to suit your needs. It can water from once per week all the way up to four times per day and is very easy to program!

To set the water timer up all you need to do is connect it to an outside tap, the Hozelock Aqua Control Water Timer is supplied with three tap adapters to allow connection to any type of tap (they are 1, 3/4 and 1/2 BSP). The AC Plus timer is battery operated and can be programmed using a simple dial and buttons – very easy to operate even if struggle with technology!

The water timer has 8 preset programs which are very easy to switch between. This product will give you the ideal watering solution if connected to a hose pipe. Most often used with a sprinker to water the lawn but can be set up to work with an Irrigation system or Hozelock Aqua Pod.

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Additional Product Information

  • Box contents: Water Timer, 1 inch inlet adapter, 3/4 inch inlet adapter, threaded connector and instructions
  • Very easy to set up – less than 5 minutes
  • Compatible with other Hozelock products
  • Ideal if going away on holiday and have no one to water for you
  • When used with the Aqua Pod kit it will save you time and effort!
  • Works best when used with a Hozelock hose pipe, for a complete range of hose pipes please click here
  • Available to buy online, click the buy link for more info and to be taken to the Amazon website

If you like this product you may be interested in the slightly more advanced version, the Hozelock Aqua Control Water Computer Pro Water Timer.

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