Hozelock 4 Way Garden Tap Connector

Hozelock 4 Way Garden Tap ConnectorHozelock have once again come up with a solution to an age old problem and this is the result. The Hozelock 4 Way Garden Tap Connector is a unique product that will allow you to convert a single tap into 4 serperate ones allowing you to run four different watering activities at the same time. Each tap has its own flow control so you can adjust the flow of water, and they also have their own Hozelock connector allowing for a hose pipe to be connected.

This product is the perfect solution if you want to set up an irrigation system as it will allow 4 hose pipes to be run from a single water source. If you have a large lawn we recommend you use this product with a hosepipe connected to a garden sprinkler, you can then cover 4 large areas of lawn saving you a lot of time.

Compatible with other Hozelock products the 4 way garden tap connector is available to buy online from Amazon by clicking the button below.

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