Hozelock 3n1 Water Butt Pump

Hozelock 3n1 Water Butt PumpThis product feels a gap in important gap in the market and will more importantly save you money. The Hozelock 3n1 Water Butt Pump is the perfect solution to an age-old problem – using a hosepipe with your water butt! The high pressure pump operates at 1.1bar and will move 2200 litres of water per hour.

Compatible with other Hozelock hosepipes, this pump will assist you in using the stored rain water that is held in your water butt. To use this product all you need to do is a connect a hosepipe to the integral connector and drop it into the water butt. Once you have done that all you need to do is attach a spray gun, sprinkler or other attachment.

The Hozelock water pump is supplied with a 10 metre power cable that has a plug already fitted. There are also two filters, a course filter that is on the inlet which will protect the pump, and a fine filter on the outlet which will protect your equipment from contamination.

Overall, a great solution that will allow you to move water from one location to another – a perfect buy for the summer that will save you money on your water bill! No more struggling with the watering can around the garden, this pump does all the hard work.

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More Product Information

  • Perfect for saving water and the environment
  • Box contains water butt pump, 3/4 BSP threaded tap connector, filter washer and an instruction booklet
  • Pump is quiet when in operation
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Very easy to set up and takes only minutes to unpack ready for use
  • Compatible with other Hozelock products
  • Buy online today using the link above

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