Hozelock 30 Metre Ultra Tough Hose

Hozelock 30 Metre Ultra Tough HoseHozelock have quite a large range of heavy duty products and this is one of the most popular. The Hozelock 30 Metre Ultra Tough Hose is suitable for heavy use and will not let you down. It has a 3 layer construction that is braided and reinforced. Because of its design, the strength and durability of this hose pipe is simply outstanding. It features Hozelock’s anti-crush technology which means a car could even run over it and not cause any damage or disruption to the water flow.

This hose pipe comes with a 20 year guarantee which is something Hozelock pride themselves on, they have built this product to last! Designed for long life (20+ years), this hosepipe is suitable for both general garden watering but also heavy use applications such as washing cars or moving water from one location to another.

This hose comes in a nice yellow colour (one of Hozelock’s standard colours) and is 20 metres in length. It doesn’t come with any accessories but is fully compatible with all Hozelock accessories such as spray guns, sprinklers and irrigation systems.

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