Hozelock 2358 Spray Gun With Fittings

Hozelock 2358 Spray Gun With FittingsNow you can buy your spray gun and fittings in one complete set thanks to this great Hozelock 2358 product set. Included in the set is a classic style water spray gun that has a number of different spray patterns.

Other items included in this package include a waterstop connector (essentially saves water) and a hose end fitting. Simply attach your hose end fitting to the end of your hosepipe then simply connect it to a tap. Once connected, attach the spray gun and away you go!

The Hozelock 2358 spray gun features a number of basic functions such as different spray patterns and an ergonomic body. Holding and using spray guns for long periods of time can make your hand ache but thanks to its unique construction this product won’t give you any problems.

Please note, the Hozelock 2358 Spray Gun With Fittings is recommended to be used only with Hozelock products. Using these fittings with other hoses may cause water leaks or other small issues.

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