Hozelock 15M Sprinkler Soaker Hose

Hozelock 15m Sprinkler Soaker HoseThis soaker hose from Hozelock is the perfect solution to your watering problems. The soaker hose is perforated which produces a gentle sprinkler type effect when used upright. when upside down it produces a great soaking action which will penetrate the soil and water deep down the roots of your plants or flowers.

The hose is 15 metres in length which is normally enough for any gardener and is held in place thanks to special clips. The soaker hose comes complete with a screw-in connector and a special end cap.

Because it’s made by Hozelock, the 15m flat hose can be used with other Hozelock accessories, for a complete range please check out the products on this website. This product has a full 1 year UK warranty.

For more information about the Hozelock 15m flat garden water sprinkler and soaker hose plus connectors please click on the product image or the button below. By doing so you will be taken to the retailer with the lowest price.

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