Hosepipe Range

If a tap is situated in or near the garden a hosepipe will avoid tiresome journeys with the watering can. It may be left running on a patch of soil and moved around at intervals, or it may be held over a particular plant or group of plants if the gardener has the patience and time to spare. Take care not to allow strong flows of water to wash away soil and expose the roots of plants. On the vegetable garden water can be allowed to run from the hosepipe along furrows made between crop rows. Water applied in this way will quickly get to the roots. Buy a strong hose pipe which will retain its suppleness over the years. Cheap hose pipes will crack and leak, especially if used in cold weather so always go for a quality one. Hosepipes reinforced with nylon thread are especially strong. A wide range of clip-on connectors and nozzles are available for use with hoses. The most popular brands of hose pipe are Hozelock and Draper.

Hosepipes are also useful if you need to wash your car, many different attachments are available which will make the job a lot easier.

Do you need a sprinkler to use with your hosepipe? If so, why not check out our garden sprinkler range.