Hosepipe Bans: Help or Hindrance?

The summer of 2010 has been a strange one, mainly because it started off very humid with some great weather only for it to a complete wash out. We’re now in late August and there hasn’t been a sunny day for a couple of weeks. Is it any surprise that there are still areas with hosepipe bans?

The majority of bans have been lifted already but there are still some areas in the UK where many home owners can’t use their hose pipes! It seems to be that as soon as there are a few hot days here in the UK the water boards decide that they should restrict the use of hose pipes causing a massive knock on affect for those who use them in moderation anyway.

We believe that water boards should only restrict usage of hose pipes if water reserves are running low, this summer it was proven that reservoirs had sufficient supply and that water levels weren’t at a critical level. With the recent rain storms we have been experiencing I think the majority of hose pipe owners have been stumped as to why the water boards still ban usage in flooded areas.

Our opinion is that banning the use of hosepipes is a hindrance that can easily be avoided and is also somewhat pointless thanks to the British weather! We are currently keeping a list of all bans in the UK and will publish these soon to our blog.

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