Hose Reels

There isn’t a huge amount of information on hose reels available on the Internet so we are here to help and also recommend the best products available.

Hose reels are an ideal solution if you need to store a hosepipe in a neat fashion but also need ease of use. There are various types of hose reel with the most popular being the type that rolls onto a drum which has a carry handle at the top.

Another type of hose reel which is becoming increasingly popular is the wall mounted variety. An example would be the Hozelock Auto Reel which features not only a swivel action but an automatic rewind function that allows the hose to be recoiled automatically.

Some older hose reels can cause the hosepipe to bend and twist causing a kink, the more modern systems don’t have this problem. Most hose reels come with at least 15 metres of hosepipe, a tap connector and also a spray nozzle. Other attachments can be fitted such as sprinklers or water controllers as long as a universal adapter is used. If you have a hozelock reel they will always have the correct adapter which means other accessories are 100% compatible.