Gardena Professional Curly Hose

Garden Professional Curly HoseCurly hose pipes are certainly becoming very popular this year and it’s no surprise because they have a couple of benefits over regular garden hoses. This Gardena professional hose pipe is 10 metres (33ft) in length and comes complete with its own spray gun attached to the end.

The Gardena Professional Curly Hose is supplied with a hose connector and tap connector therefore making it very easy to connect to your outside tap. Also included is a wall holder that will allow neat storage of the curly hose when not in use.

When used at its full extension (10 metres) the hose pipe will automatically recoil neatly for easy storage, a simply unique feature. The advantage over a regular hose pipe is that you don’t need a hose reel which can sometimes be expensive and difficult to store.

Everything you need to get started is included with this product, you can be watering your garden within minutes of opening the box! If you would like more information about the Gardena Professional Curly Hose and to find the best price online please use our yellow buy button where you will be taken to the retailer’s website with the lowest price.

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