Gardena Hanging Basket Spray Lance

Gardena Hanging Basket Spray LanceWatering your hanging baskets has never been easier! The Gardena Hanging Basket Spray Lance is specifically designed to help you reach your hanging baskets and water them with ease. No longer do you have to struggle with a watering can or make a mess with the standard hose pipe nozzle!

This spray lance is curved at the end to give maximum control over the watering of your delicate plants. There is a gentle full jet and a soft spray setting that will allow you to water your hanging baskets or flower boxes.

The water flow can be adjusted with the use of a trigger on the ergonomically designed handle. This lance also features an on/off trigger than is lockable making it more comfortable to use for long periods of time. With its standard connector the lance attaches easily to your hose pipe.

Overall a great product that helps you with your watering, the Gardena Hanging Basket Spray Lance is highly recommended by us. For more information, reviews and to buy this product at the lowest price use the link below.

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