Gardena Comfort Spray Lance

Gardena Comfort Spray LanceUsing a spray lance is a great way to look after your plants and flowers. With many different uses they can save a lot of time and hard work. The Garden Comfort Spray Lance simply connects to your existing hose pipe and allows precise watering.

With a on/off trigger mechanism and convenient lock this spray lance is easy to use. Features include soft plastic materials that give extra comfort when operating the lance. With a length of 90cm you can use this lance for a variety of different applications such as watering flowers or even washing your car.

The spray head has 3 different spray patterns that include a hard jet, mist and a soft spray. The water flow rate is fully adjustable giving you maximum control over water application. Additionally the head benefits from a soft plastic ring that can protect it from damage.

Compatible with the majority of hose pipes available the Garden Comfort Spray Lance has been getting some great reviews from gardeners. To buy online at the lowest price and to get more information please use the button below.

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