Flat Hose 15m

Flat Hose 15mThere are very few flat hosepipes available for purchase but this is one of them. The Flat Hose 15m has a reinforced PU fabric coating allowing to to be wound up or folded flat.

Flat hoses are great for storage as they take up so little space but also benefit from being inexpensive. This particular flat hosepipe is 15 metres in length which is ideal for small to medium sized gardens. This is the sort of hose pipe you could keep in your caravan, boat or car as it’s small enough to store easily but offers a fast and efficient watering solution.

Fitted with hose connectors the Flat hose 15m can be used with accessories such as brushes, sprinklers and hose guns. Other benefits include a unique construction using kink-free materials.

Lightweight, strong and fantastic value for money, we highly recommend this flat hosepipe. For more information on this product and to buy online at the lowest price please use the buy button below.

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