Ecosei Pronto Hose Pipe Kit

Ecosei Pronto Hose Pipe KitBuying a hose pipe used to be a straight forward process, nowadays it’s not quite as easy! However, thanks to the Ecosei Pronto Hose Pipe Kit your life has just been made a whole lot easier because everything you need is included in the kit! There is no need to buy additional nozzles, adapters or carts as everything you need to water your garden is included in this product.

This hose pipe kit comes boxed making it an ideal gift, perhaps for someone who has a new garden! In the box you will find 30 metres of high quality hose, tap connector, reducer, spray nozzle and four couplings.

The cart is silver and black in colour and looks fantastic. With a strong construction and elegant design it’s very easy to move around and store away. The hose pipe is a nice green colour and is made from the highest quality components ensuring a smooth operation and flow of water.

The team here at love this product because of its low price but also great design – you will find it hard to get a product similar for the price!

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