Draper Garden Hose Reel Cart

Draper Garden Hose Reel CartIf you currently have a hose pipe that is just bundled up in your garden or shed then this product is for you. The Draper Garden Hose Reel Cart is suitable for Draper hose pipes allowing you to transport your hose and keep it tidy. There are many advantages to using a reel cart, the main one being that you stop kinks appearing in your hose. The other main advantages are that it’s easy to store your hose in a shed or garage and that it make it easy to transport.

The Draper Garden Hose Reel Cart has a tubular steel frame construction that uses tough plastic snap together parts. It has been designed with the gardener in mind so is therefore easy to put together, and even easier to use! It features a flow through design that has an angled 1/2 inch hose connector.

Thanks to its deep reel it will help prevent your hose pipe from kinking which will therefore stop interruption to the flow of water. This Draper hose cart will hold up to 60 metres of 12mm diameter hose.

This hose reel cart comes complete with a full 1 year UK warranty and is supplied in a nice, neutral green colour.

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