Draper 89389 Garden Hose Reel Cart

Draper 89389 Garden Hose Reel CartThis hose reel cart from Draper is easy to use, versatile and very practicable. When using with a Draper hosepipe is created the ultimate storage and transportation system. Features include a light aluminium frame that has tough plastic parts that snap together. Additional there is a 1/2″ hose connector and deep reel that will help prevent kinking when winding and unwinding the hose.

The Draper 89389 Garden Hose Reel Cart will hold approximately 60 metres of 12mm diameter hose making it suitable for large or small gardens. With a great design and neutral colours this product is one of the best on the market.

Reviews do state that it doesn’t come with instructions however it’s very easy to put together and if you do struggle you can access them on the official Draper website.

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